Sports Power

Sports Power

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The Duracell Sports Power AGM Battery was designed for more than performance. Convenience is the one word that best describes Duracell AGM Sports Power batteries. No initial charging and no adding acid combined with a high powered, high performance design puts the Duracell AGM Sports Power – on top of ordinary AGM batteries.

The absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology increases power while improving rider and environmental safety. The key to this technology is the highly porous microfiber separators which completely absorb and trap the electrolyte. Molded top and side connection terminals provide increased versatility. Designed for more efficient recharging, these batteries actually recover faster in the vehicle’s charging system than conventional flooded designs to deliver more accessory power longer.

Motorcycles Road/Cross, ATV-Quads, UTV, Snowmobiles, Riding mowers and Jetskis will benefit season after season from high starting and accessory power, longer battery life, high vibration resistance, a spillproof design, and Duracell’s worldrenowned dependable performance.

Power perform full-frame
Power perform full-frame positive & negative plates. Better withstands severe service demands.
Prevents life-robbing electrical shorts from exposed wire.

Facts and figures

  • Superior vibration resistance protects against long trips, offroad travel, and wave-pounding use
  • Lower internal resistance ensures higher discharge rates for faster starts
  • Spillproof design protects user, equipment, and environment
  • Shock absorbing material
  • Low self-discharge rate for long, off-season storage
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