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Duracell Leisure batteries are renown for their proven dependability and solid performance. This flooded battery line offers a complete array of deep cycle solutions for virtually any leisure need like camping, caravan, motorhomes and marine use. Even under challenging marine conditions like wave pounding vibration, tilted position and long hours of trolling, Duracell Leisure batteries rise the top in user-friendly, leisure-tough service, and extended reliability. So you are faster and stay out on the water longer!

Facts and figures


    • Durability and Cycle-Resistance
    • Maximum ON BOARD Power
    • Superior Safety
    • Rugged vibration resistant construction
    • Low water consumption due to Calcium technology

    DT A: Flush combination terminal w/ 3/8“ stud and SAE Post.
    DT V: Molded-in offset SAE post and vertical 5/16“ NEG., 5/16“ POS. Stainless steel studs.

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