The Stop-Start Specialist

EFB- und AGM- Technology for Start – Stop vehicles. The Duracell Extreme is built for use in environmentally friendly cars which incorporate the stop-start function. The EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is used primarily in medium and small cars and LCV that have only basic stop-start features. The AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery is mainly used on medium and executive/luxury vehicles, where more complex stop-start functions together with brake energy recuperation are standard. The Duracell Extreme premium products meet the demands of leading car manufacturers, and with a range of five types from 60Ah to 92Ah are the first choice for fuel efficient cars.

Facts Extreme EFB

Duracell Extreme – the modern power supply for stop-start vehicles

  • Cycle-resistant starter battery – two models with 60/70Ah
  • Twice the cycle resistance compared to standard batteries
  • Nonwoven cover on the separator and special active mass composition
  • Double lid cover for maximum leak protection and operational safety
  • Top V3 vibration resistance rating pursuant to EN 50342-1
  • Modern calcium technology – zero maintenance
  • Product classification with UK number and EN/SAE cold crank power

Facts Extreme AGM

  • Valve-regulated nonwoven glass mat battery (VRLA) – three models with 70/80/92AhThree times greater cycle resistance than standard batteries
  • Leak-proof due to electrolyte bonding into a glass nonwoven (absorbent glass mat)
  • Zero maintenance owing to recombination technology
  • Very low internal resistance – maximum starting power
  • Installation in a lateral position possible (max. 90° angle)
  • Product classification with UK number and EN/SAE cold crank power
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